Photos From My Home, Hawaii

Photos From My Home, Hawaii

I enjoy going outside and exploring my beautiful home of Hawaii. Since good cameras have become cheaper and more accessible, I have started taking picture where ever I go. Here are a few examples of photos I have taken printed on canvas and metal.

If you like what you see and would like to purchase a print, email or contact me to inquire about pricing!
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'Liquid Sunshine' (11x14in canvas)
'Under Tow'  (11x14in canvas)
'Secret Spot'  (11x14in canvas)
'All Elements' (11x14in canvas)
'Aqua Drops' (11x14in canvas)
'Water Color' (11x14in canvas)
'Turtle Cave' (8x20in Metal)
'Under Tow'  (20x30in & 11x14in canvas)

Lambert Leong
Lambert Leong
Hi, I am Lambert Leong and I am a cancer researcher and data scientist. I specialize in topics such as artificial intellegence, breast cancer, and medical imaging.
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