Study Session App Built with Meteor


My team and I was tasked with using the Meteor framework to build a web application. We developed an app to organize study sessions for students and we called it CRAM. The app was finished and later deployed with galaxy hosting.


My contributions to the project consisted of planning and prototyping the pages we planned to build. We split up the work by assigning people certain pages to build. I was responsible for building the study session generation page, calendar page, and, session sign up page. I also performed the linking of all the pages.


Git and Github played a crucial role in our development. I learned how to create a Github organization, post task, and post and resolve issue withing the organization. This project helped fortify teamwork skills because we all had different schedules and mostly worked asynchronously. Communication was important as well as proper use of git. I gained experience with nodeJS, mongoDB, the meteor framework and languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A link to our team organization is below along with screenshot samples of some of our app pages.

Link to Github app page: CRAM APP PROJECT PAGE