Inventory Database

As a researcher at Eygenix LLC, I am a constant user of many chemicals. Several excel spreadsheets are used for keeping track of the inventory of chemicals. These many spread sheets are unwieldly and present many problems. For example, entries can easily be deleted, altered, and duplicated, all of which would lead to database anomalies. A proper inventory program would help to remedy these issues.

In my database class, we were tasked with creating a database and a user interface for easy storage and retrieval. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I gathered the different spreadsheets used to keep the chemical inventory and normalized all the tables. The user interface worked well however, since it was the first iteration of the program and meant for scale up, it did not have all the fancy bells and whistles. The database is to be expanded to incorporate equipment, experiment data, and the company documents. It was designed to comply with FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good documentation practice (GDP)